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What is holistic senior home care?

Holistic senior home care centers on the whole person considering all aspects of body & mind: the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional & social status and functioning to improve the seniors' overall well-being. It's also referred to as complete home care which requires nursing and senior care management expertise. The word holistic derives from the Greek word holism, meaning the whole person.

Home health care services by Seniors Choice For Care consider the person rather than their condition. No two seniors with the same condition require the same plan. Discovering and connecting different domains and finding the best solutions for that senior, is what we do the best.

A holistic home care approach looks beyond specific home health care needs for a senior’s condition, illness, or disease. It helps seniors to improve their general health & well-being and is crucial to healthy and happy aging. Seniors feel valued, respected, and also encouraged to improve their quality of life. Holistic home care is built on trust and relationship with the client and their family and the support for independence which promotes healthy aging. It improves health and overall functioning of the body & mind while maintaining a healthy living environment. It refines cognitive & social skills and encourages hobbies & quality activities. Another important factor of holistic home care is that it involves the family in all care decisions while offering beneficial guidance and support.

How is holistic home care different from non-holistic home care services?

Holistic home-care services offer a more comprehensive support system than those provided by non-holistic home care companies. Although they provide the same home care (non-medical) and or home health care services (including personal care), the services can be more care-needs related and less focused on improving the person's overall well-being. Senior’s emotional and social needs are also being considered while interacting and planning goals for building coping skills.

In regards to Dementia home care, holistic home care believes that seniors with dementia can still experience a high quality of life at their place of living at their given reality level. Companionship care focuses on stimulating cognitive skills, and emotional support and encourages people with Dementia to stay physically, socially, and mentally engaged as much as possible. It also looks beyond specific care needs based on the dementia level and personality of the person. It considers other aspects of the senior’s environment that change depending on other factors such as family dynamics, lack of dementia education, and knowledge regarding behavior & perceived support.

Seniors Choice for Care helps seniors to age in place comfortably & safely while

Improving physical & mental health

Refining cognitive & social skills

Prolonging independence

Reducing disease risks

Enhancing self-worth.

Seniors Choice For Care serves seniors & their families in the Greater Vancouver, BC area.

Contact us at 604.551.8867


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