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Frequently Asked Questions

Modern Senior Woman
Do you provide a free home care consultation before we decide on a home care professional?
The consultation is always free and is done the same day as requested, if required by the caller.

How will I know when to look for Senior Home Care?

  • It may be time for Home care services when the senior in question shows signs of needing assistance with daily chores and activities, especially with daily tasks like preparing meals, doing laundry and paying bills on time.
  • Other signs are persistent forgetfulness, issues with mobility and transfers, poor personal hygiene,  increase in falls and accidents, becoming anxious and depressed, lonely and isolated, sleeping too much, not keeping in touch, leaving the door unlocked.
What are the benefits of home care?
You might be concerned for a senior's safety, emotional wellbeing, and their ability to do chores independently. Your concerns may be eased by having home care assistance that would provide you with reassurance of a senior receiving our services. Benefits include: 
  • Companionship is having a "friend" come to visit regularly and can have adverse effects on the physical and mental health of the senior. It provides regular social interaction and a special closeness with the service provider.
  • Reliable transportation and company for shopping trips to doctor's appointments, picking up medications, banking, and any other errands.
  • Having a familiar environment and attachment to a person's home reassures seniors they are well and can age in place with the assistance of a care provider.
What can the family expect when hiring home care?
  • Besides a decrease in your stress levels, you also have an opportunity to spend time with your family member the way you both can enjoy.
  • This allows the family member or a care provider to resume their schedules at a minimum burnout with a peace of mind.

Are your practitioners certified professionals?

All our home and health care staff are Canadian Certified or BC Care Aide registered; they are attending best practice education in keeping with the standards of practice in a given category. 

What should I consider when choosing a home health care provider?

Keeping in mind that the person will spend a lot of time providing major support to your loved one, the person must be a right fit for the senior.  

What are the needs that a caregiver will need to fulfill?

  • If driving, ask for a driving abstract, for extra insurance, do they have a car or will they be driving your car? 

  • If the senior uses a chair lift, a wheelchair, grab bars, bed assist or a bed alarm, walker, or any other mobility devices, ask what is their knowledge in the use of specific mobility aids.

  • If the senior in need of care has Alzheimer's disease or any other kind of Dementia, does a care provider have experience in person-centered care for persons with memory loss?

  • Do they have the necessary knowledge, experience & training required?

  • Can the person cook, do they have a Food Safe certificate and can they work with the dietary restrictions of the senior?

Ensure to ask the home care agency what certification and training do the caregivers have. 


Should I choose an agency or hire a private Caregiver?


Each has its benefits.

Agency: provides background checks, screenings for added peace of mind, provides feedback to families, easy to find staff replacement, has a recourse of more trained staff to provide specialized care, and may cost more. 

Private caregiver: more work has to be done by the family, background check, verifying references, no replacement when sick which impacts family; lower rates and sets own hours.

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