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Person-centered home health care services

 that improve seniors overall well-being.

By getting the support you, or a loved one needs, seniors and their families will benefit in many ways.

Seniors Choice For Care
Seniors Choice For Care
Seniors Choice For Care
Seniors Choice For Care
Seniors Choice For Care
Seniors Choice For Care
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Seniors Choice For Care
Seniors Choice For Care

Caring for a senior can be complex and misunderstood. Seniors Choice for Care knows just how to address these challenges, helping to provide a high standard of home care support and home healthcare services to enrich seniors' quality of life. Once you connect with Diane, you will notice a genuine interest to help you or a loved one with all home health care needs.


To help seniors who are no longer able to age in their own home. Diane offers an beneficial assistance & support in the transition process to Assisted Living Residence and or Long Term Care to seniors and their families.  Seniors Choice for Care offers the following wide variety of home health services that benefits your health & wellbeing in a multitude of ways. 

Any of the below services are available to you in addition to any subsidized services at the senior's place of living such as
at home, a Retirement Residence, Assisted Living, Long Term Care and or at the hospital in the Greater Vancouver, BC area.

Look forward to embrace the benefits of
aging in place!

       Companionship care

  • Alleviates loneliness & prevents isolation

  • Provides a trusted companion to lean on 

  • Adds comfort & friendship

  • Helps cultivate social skills & activities

  • Promotes mental & physical wellbeing

  • Improves cognitive skills

  • Encourages interaction with family & friends

  • Stimulates positive thinking & actions

  • Increases a healthy sense of being​ 

  • Monitors Dementia & Alzheimers symptoms

  • Maintains a healthy living environment & routine

  • Communicates observed changes in health & behaviors to Diane who communicates with family

Personal Care

Good personal hygiene not only helps prevent the spread of germs and infectious diseases but also has a positive effect on mental health. A lack of personal hygiene can be due to physical disability, injury, dementia, mental or emotional disorders, and inadequate social support.


In today's climate, it is even more important than before to practice good personal hygiene habits to help avoid infectious and viral diseases such as Covid-19.

Seniors Choice for Care can customize Personal Care services to your specific needs and preferences, such as assigning either a male or female qualified caregiver.

Specialized Home Care

Specific medical conditions, illnesses & diseases require specialized care which needs to be provided by qualified experienced, knowledgeable and specially trained care staff that is able to provide the specific care a person requires.

In-home Specialized care is a great alternative for seniors who prefer to live in their own homes to remain independent as long as their health allows it. Assisted Living Retirement communities can be very expensive and aren’t always the preferred choice or available options for seniors. Seniors Choice For Care offers skilled, personalized & compassionate Nursing care services by Registered & Licensed Practical Nurses, besides Certified Caregivers. 


Transition Service

Change can be hard, especially for seniors and their families. Oftentimes, seniors who are aging in place with in-home care support sometimes are determined to stay and delay the transition into senior housing or an assisted living facility.

While a Transition Service is ideally for a senior living at home, this service is also available for those discharged from the hospital post-surgery, or post-rehabilitation and in need of short or long-term assistance. 


Some clients will be assessed by the hospital Social Worker needing home care and provide temporary services for a short length of time. 


Diane Miller, Retired RN, offers a beneficial & caring consultation with the family regarding the next steps of higher-level care to proceed with during the transition process.  Professional coaching helps the family in the challenging decision-making on selecting what is right for the senior and alleviates stress for everyone involved.

Each senior requires a different higher-level care solution. 

Depending on the senior's care needs and health situation the family may choose for the senior to remain at home, or to be placed into an Assisted Living  Retirement Residence or in some cases, into Long Term Care.

Are you looking for a reliable Home Health Care Service or for Transition Support?  

Contact Seniors Choice For Care today and get started with the care you or a loved one need & deserve.

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