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My name is Diane Miller, Retired RN, MA. It is my pleasure to meet you and assist you or a loved one in remaining longer independent while improving your overall well-being.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about my background & experience. You can reach me 24/7 at my cell at 604.551.8867 to discuss care needs for you or a loved one.

My Story

I am a health care leader with over 45 years of professional experience in various health care roles such as nursing, managing clinical programs, leading organizations, and teaching practical nursing programs.​ My health care leadership, work experience, and expertise are fueled by passion and the conviction that integration of services leads to effective practice in health care environments.

I started as a Registered Nurse in Alberta. After ten years of working as an RN in hospital facilities, I became e a Director of Care in a rural Alberta community where nurses did everything from bedside care, emergency and operating room nursing, to delivering babies and caring for the elderly. There I  led a team of professionals in supporting the seniors in her community who needed in-home care services.​ After 16 years in Alberta, I moved with her children to Vancouver, B.C., where I worked full time while completing two  two University degrees - a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and my Masters in Management.

After several years of acute care experience, I managed units & sites ranging from 75 - 200 seniors, which progressed to working in a retirement home of 230 seniors. During my health care career, I worked for both non and for-profit health care organizations.

I am proud to share that I understands that seniors need varying levels of service that require an exceptional set of skills and knowledge. This, combined with the recognition of the importance of holistic approaches to care and services is what prompted me to start Seniors Choice for Care Inc. in 2013.​ My passion for helping seniors to stay longer independent  prompted me to change my career focus to make a difference in how home care was delivered. I had observed many companions and private caregivers doing their jobs and decided that I want to would do it differently.  From the seniors, I learned the importance of giving recognition and validation. Being touched by the sadness hiding seniors eyes, at the disappointment of not being heard and being left alone, of not being respected and of home care promises not being kept.​

As of April 1, 2024 I am now a Retired RN.  I lead a team  of dedicated and qualified caregivers to work with you and your loved one(s) to develop and manage a personalized and quality home health plan with a holistic care approach. As a team, we address the whole person beyond specific care needs for an illness, condition or a disease to deliver compassionate emotional, cognitive, physical and social support that improves overall wellbeing and promotes independence, It important to me and my care staff to respect and implement seniors' and their families wishes and cultural values in each client's flexible care plans. Thank you for your interest and time reading my story.

 Let's connect!

Please reach out with any senior home care service or transition to higher level care questions at 604.551.8867 or under I offer a free home care consultation. Let's start a conversation to discuss how I can help with my home care and or home health care services to enrich your or a loved one's quality of life.

I'm looking forward to speaking with you soon!



Diane Miller,

Retired RN, MA

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