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Rejuvenation tips for seniors

Spring is the symbolism of renewal. It's the perfect time to plan a new beginning, establish new tasks & goals, accomplish things on our to-do list, and create energizing new dreams. Even past spring ensure to find engaging activities to stimulate a healthy life style!

Many people feel inspired by the fresh scent of spring in the air, blooming colourful flowers, and people around us being in a good mood. Some of us might slow down to enjoy it while others seem to rush off to get various things done. Some feel more motivated than others to be or become more active & present no matter where we are in our stage of life. Below are some helpful ideas how seniors can rejuvenate their mind & body to empower themselves & motivate others:

Be or become active in your community’s Seniors Centre:

If you are not already a member of your local seniors centre, explore the options of various physical, social and educational activities being offered such as craft-, musical-, dance & exercises classes: gardening, cooking & educational workshops, social engagements & much more.  Seniors who are and stay active remain usually healthier & happier in the aging process and seem to stay longer independent as they promote their physical strength, while engaging their cognitive and social skills. Good mental health promotes physical health. If you are not sure which activities are most suitable for you, consult with an activities coordinator at your seniors centre. Ensure to discuss with your family physician what physical activities might be most suitable & beneficial for your specific health status & concerns.

Practice positive thinking and mindfulness - be in the present!

Mindfulness helps us to reflect back and become more aware about our feelings, thoughts and surroundings and assists us in reducing anxiety, feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed, and or depressed. Research how to practise mindfulness if you are not familiar with it. It's beneficial for improving the immune system, strengthening the heart and slowing down the cell ageing process and contributes to mental well-being and healthy aging!

Spend more time in nature!

Plan to enjoy more time outdoors. Depending on your mobility and physical ability, choose where and how you can best appreciate nature. Enjoy it by walking or sitting in a garden or by the sea, or by a lake. Choose places which help you reminisce happy memories from the past and encourage you to dream. Maybe enjoy a flower or a botanical garden in your community or near by. Bird watching is also a lovely way to spend time outdoors. Take a walk or ask a companion/friend to walk with you for company if you have mobility issues and needs assistance. Research places you would like to go and visit, maybe take a drive if you still or drive or plan an outing on public transit. Enjoy and live in the present!

Maintain a healthy diet!

Explore and adapt the Mediterranean diet to benefit brain and heart health, if you are not yet familiar with it. It's a pleasure to engage in various Mediterranean recipes online or in your local library or community centre. Explore some books online or find an a book store in your local community to find healthy recipes you like.

Move regularly as much as you can!

Exercise lightly with professional guidance if you have a health condition, illness or are less mobile. If you are struggling with mobility issues, consult a healthcare professional such as a Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist or a Chiropractor to help you with strengthening exercise, mobility and or chronic pain as well as injury recovery. Speak with your family Physician for guidance for your individual health and mobility needs.

Engage in reading and or other hobbies!

Expand your knowledge, thinking and horizon through reading. Choose what you like to explore and get to know more about. Keep active with an old or a new hobby. 

Dream big!

If you can travel to experience a different culture, meet new people and explore what it has to offer. For seniors who are not able to do so, Arm Travel is a wonderful activity and offered by many seniors centres. It offers a social connection to other seniors who might have physical & mobility issues to travel in person. Whatever might inspire you to dream, go for it! Many seniors are active with visual & interpretative arts to express their style and ideas in a creative way.

Stay young at heart! 

Be socially active with family & friends! For those who have no family, one more reason to connect to a seniors Centre. Friends will support you and offer help when needed and vice versa. Some seniors feel more lonely and isolated than others. Build new social connections and cultivate old ones to stay young at heart! Age is only a number. Engage with juniors and volunteer to help guide others.

Explore more helpful info on active & healthy aging:

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