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Diane Miller, RN -Seniors Choice For Care

Diane Miller, RN

 A well-seasoned senior home healthcare expert with a passion & a big heart for improving senior home healthcare with a holistic care approach that impacts seniors' overall wellbeing beyond specific care needs. 

My story


I am a healthcare leader with over 45 years of professional experience in various healthcare roles such as nursing, managing clinical programs, leading organizations, and teaching practical nursing programs.​

My leadership skills, work experience, and knowledge are fueled by passion and the conviction that integration of services leads to effective practice in health care environments.

I started my career as a Registered Nurse in Alberta. After ten years of working as an RN in hospital facilities, she went on to become a Director of Care in a rural Alberta community where nurses did everything from bedside care, and emergency and operating room nursing, to delivering babies & caring for the elderly. Diane then led a team of professionals in supporting the seniors in her community who needed in-home care services.

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