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What is Aging in Place?

Updated: May 30, 2023

Aging in place refers to remaining to live independently in your own home for as long your health allows it. As our natural aging process is inevitable, therefore the need to be able to do things by ourselves increases with time.

We know that the majority of Canadians wish to remain living in their own home rather than moving into a retirement community. We all age differently. Seniors with chronic health conditions or a disease require more help than healthy seniors.

How to age in place safely?

It requires flexibility, adaptability, advanced care planning, preparations and follow through.

We need to rely on help and have to adapt to how we do things as we age. It is crucial to be ready to learn alternative ways to do things including our activities of daily living.

Advanced care planning refers to planning and communicating your future ahead regarding your healthcare needs and Power of Attorney in case you might become incapacitated.

Start the Aging in Place process by educating yourself or your loved one(s) and consulting with qualified professionals who will help with their expertise. A quality home care will help you to enrich your quality of life by Support you with the activities of daily living by providing Personal care- assisting you with physical care needs as you age.

To plan ahead for your peace of mind, arrange the below recommended:

  • A quality in-home care needs and home safety assessment

  • A professional home security evaluation

  • A Consult with a Reg. Physiotherapist to maintain and improve mobility/strength/balance

  • For a personal safety alarm (and wear it at all times)

  • Prepare for any health emergencies (contacts & numbers)

  • Regular health check ups/screenings

  • Plan for future transportation for appointments

It is also crucial to live a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a routine with light & moderate physical exercise (based on your health & mobility status), engaging in brain games to stimulate your cognitive skills and eating a nutritious diet.

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