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Benefits of Companionship care

Private Companionship care has unique benefits especially for seniors who want to stay in their own home as long as their health allows it.

This flexible service is available hourly, however most private home care companies ask for a minimum of 3 hrs. per care shift as it is hard to get qualified caregivers to work only 2 hrs. per shift. Private quality home care providers will ensure that they provide one constant caregiver. A familiar caregiver helps with providing a healthy daily routine while spending quality time with a senior. This promotes building trust and a comfort level which supports overall well-being and home safety. For seniors suffering from Alzheimer's/Dementia a qualified Dementia care trained caregiver helps to refuse confusion and monitors the dementia behaviors which can be challenging and do require a Care Professional to help manage effortfully.

Below are more benefits of Companionship care:

  • Alleviates loneliness & prevents isolation

  • Promotes socialization

  • Provides a trusted companion to lean on

  • Helps cultivate social skills & activities

  • Elevates mental & physical wellbeing

  • Improves cognitive skills through stimulating brain activities

  • Encourages interaction with family & friends

  • Stimulates positive thinking & actions

  • Increases a healthy sense of being​

  • Monitors Dementia & Alzheimer's symptoms

  • Maintains a healthy living environment & routine

  • Communicates observed changes in health & behaviors to the Care service provider, usually a Registered Nurse, and to senior's family

Arrange a free in-home care consultation to have the senior's health and care needs assessed and to get a good feel for quality standards of the private care provider. You need to ensure that the chosen caregiver is qualified, experienced and a good match to the senior's personality traits. Private home care companies like Seniors Choice For Care Inc. will also ensure that seniors and families personal wishes and cultural values will be implemented in a flexible care plan which is adjusted to changing care needs at all times and practices cultural sensitivity to enrich the home care experience.

In many cases Companionship care can be introduced as a family friend or a close friend who likes to spend quality time with a senior. This is especially helpful when a senior has Dementia and displays trust issues in their behaviour

and or is declining any help or a stranger at their home.

Read more helpful information about companionship care benefits:

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