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Welcome to senior home care
with a difference!

At Seniors Choice For Care, we understand the struggles and complexities that come with aging. We are dedicated and committed to helping seniors age in place with compassionate & flexible holistic home healthcare services that go beyond care needs at affordable rates. Our focus is to improve seniors overall well-being to enrich their quality of life.


As some seniors are no longer able to live at home, we offer  beneficial guidance on the challenging transition path to higher-level care,  to Assisted Living or Long Term Care.


We look forward assisting you or a loved one with empathy.

Seniors Choice For Care - Your choice, our Care
Seniors Choice For Care
Seniors Choice For Care
Seniors Choice For Care
Seniors Choice For Care

Your choice, our Care.

Meet Diane Miller, RN, MA 

a devoted senior home health care expert

Diane Miller, RN, MA - Seniors Choice For Care Inc.

Seniors Choice For Care is a privately owned & operated home healthcare business established by Diane Miller, a Registered Nurse, serving the elderly in Greater Vancouver, BC.




 Diane is a home health care expert with over 45 years of extensive nursing & care management expertise.  Being driven by a passion for exceptional holistic senior home care that allows seniors to age in the safety & comfort of their place of living for as long as possible, Diane offers reasonable service rates.

Seniors Choice For Care ensures that each client receives the highest quality home care service with a caring and warmhearted aptitude. By implementing her clients' & families' wishes & cultural values, Diane & her caring team can provide a pleasant & respectful home care experience that naturally enriches each client's quality of life.

Driven by devotion to helping all seniors & their families, Diane also offers beneficial, caring & compassionate guidance on the transitioning path into higher care levels such as Assisted Living and Long Term Care to seniors & their loved ones.

Companionship care - Seniors Choice For Care

Look forward to
in-home care

Ability to age in place
Maintaining independence
Comfort & home safety
Companionship care
Emotional support
Cognitive engagement
Help with all activities of daily living
Social activities & outings
Exercise support
Higher quality of life

Care flexibility
Peace of mind

Inquire about our free home care consultation to discuss flexible home care solutions that you or a loved one deserve.

The choice is yours as to how and what services you may need, and our priority is to assist you with your independence & aging at the home of your choice, with the respectful & compassionate care & knowledge that you deserve.

At Seniors Choice For Care, we understand that choosing home care support services is challenging and a big decision for seniors & their families.

Improving seniors quality of life -Seniors Choice For Care Inc.

We aim to
quality of life.

Seniors Choice For Care aspires to meet your physical, emotional & cognitive care needs
while exceeding your 

It's our privilege to brighten a senior's day with small & helpful gestures . 

Nursing home care -  Seniors Chocie For Care
Specialized Care

Ensures the most skilled caregiver or nurse who is knowledgable, trained & experienced with your specific health condition & care needs and will ensure your safety.

Dementia & Alzheimer's
Congestive heart failure


Mobility post-surgery

Disability & Special Needs
IV & IM Medications

Palliative (End of Life care)


Personal Care

Eases the activities of daily living


Nail care

Exercises & Mobility
Transfers & use of lifts 

Meal & grocery planning

Medication reminders

        Ambulatory assistance

Incontinence care

Personal care -  Seniors Chocie For Care
Companionship care -  Seniors Chocie For Care
 Companionship Care
A qualified & consistent caregiver provides quality time and also helps with daily tasks & activities.
Reminiscing/Memory care
Emotional support
Cognitive engagement
Social activities
Accompany on walks, outings & appointments
Overseeing cognitive &
physical health changes
Mobility support
Guiding light physical exercise
Light meal prep
Medication & meal reminders
Light housekeeping & laundry
Supporting basic tasks


Assists with routine tasks while maintaining a comfortable & healthy living environment.

Meal preparation

Nutritious cooking

Grocery shopping

Running errands

Food freshness checks

Packing up cooked meals

Freezing cooked meals

Cleaning fridge & cupboards

Light housekeeping

Laundry & ironing

Making  your bed

Changing linens & towels

Home organization

Watering plants

Light gardening

Taking out garbage

Meal prep/homemaking - Seniors Chocie For Care

Pet Care

Caring pet services for our clients

At Seniors Choice for Care, we love animals and understand the special relationship you have with your furry companion(s).
Therefore, we also
provide affectionate pet services for our clients, such as dog walking, grooming & Veterinarian visits.
Other pet care service requests such as feeding, playing, and cleaning after your beloved furry friend(s) are welcome.

Pet services -  Seniors Chocie For Care
Person-centred care -  Seniors Chocie For Care

Seniors Choice For Care serves seniors with flexible
holistic quality home health care services
at modest rates.


quality of  life

We respect your wishes while practicing cultural sensitivity.

What our clients appreciate

Seniors Choice For Care
Seniors Choice For Care
Seniors Choice For Care
For your piece of mind -Seniors Choice For Care

Same day care visits

Seniors Choice For Care can accommodate the same day care visit if it is urgently required or requested. 
We operate 24/7 with the same phone support hours by Diane Miller, a Registered Nurse, and owner & operator.
Our clients and their families greatly appreciate the fact they can count on Diane's phone support at all times.

If you are considering our home care services, be assured that you can always count on Diane's prompt & reliable help, support and organization for home health care services at the senior's place of living. This can be where the senior resides or is being taken care of such as a hospital, an Assisted Living Residence and or at Long Term Care where we do provide services upon request.

Multilingual & respectful care staff that communicates well

At Seniors Choice For Care, you’re guaranteed to be assigned the most suitable home caregiver or nurse who can communicate in the language of your preference while practicing cultural sensitivity to enrich your home care experience at every care shift.

We are about peace of mind

Seniors Choice for Care respects our clients' and their families wishes. We discuss any recommended care changes and value your feedback before implementing any changes into our flexible care plan.

Please read more on being involved in care decisions making & changes a bit further down this page.

Besides providing holistic quality home health care services, meeting each client's care needs while aiming to exceed service expectations, your and your family's peace of mind is included on top of our list.

By providing you with peacefulness that your loved one is in caring hands with us,  you can enjoy more quality time.

in-home Nursing care - Seniors Choice For Care

The family is always involved in
care change decisions

Seniors Choice For Care develops a personalized & flexible care plan by carefully listening to our client's unique care needs and considering the person's overall well-being & health.

When care needs change,  the family and or the responsible party is notified promptly and will always stay closely involved in all of our care change decision-making in the client's flexible care plan. We then adjust the care plan to reflect those discussed and agreed-upon changes.

Flexible home health care solutions 
at modest rates.
24/7 phone support by a Registered Nurse

12 hrs. Day 
24 hrs. Day & Night
Personal care - Seniors Choice For Care
Care needs are closely monitored by our dedicated caregivers & nurses who discuss them with Diane and promptly follow up on her instructions.
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Hourly Care


  • Hourly care offers the most versatile care solution for seniors who are mostly independent and only require some level of flexible  support such as: 

Specialized care

Personal care



  • Hourly care will be arranged as per your requirements with a minimum of two hrs. per care shift requirement.

  • We aim to provide a consistent caregiver or nurse which is especially important for Specialized Dementia and or Alzheimer's care. Such familiarity assists with comfort for the patient while reducing confusion & irritability.

Available at 2 hrs. minimum per care visit

12 hrs. Day care

Extended care support

  • Daycare is billed on an hourly rate which is based on your care needs. The caregiver or nurse doesn't take a break during the full 12 hrs. shift.


  • Depending on the depth of your care needs, you might have 1-2 caregivers or nurses assigned.

     24 hrs. care

For seniors who require continuous
care support 

  • Hourly rates apply for 12 hrs. day care shift and the following 12 hrs. night care shift.
  • The client will have 2-3 consistent caregivers or nurses assigned as long as required.
  • Care needs are closely monitored by the care staff who reports to Diane after every care shift and during emergencies promptly. 
  • As care needs do change, the care rates are subject to change as they are based on the specific care needs of each client.
  • On Statutory holidays, the care rates are billed times 1 and 1/2 as per BC Employment  Standards regulations.
  • You can opt-out of care when it falls on a holiday unless it is a 24 hr. care shift which is a full-time care routine with no scheduled interruptions.

Overnight Care

Ensures a senior's safety during a 12 hrs. care shift

  • Very beneficial for seniors who require a specific level of overnight care.
  • They might require a fully awake caregiver or nurse to provide care during the full 12 hrs. shift.
  • This overnight care rate depends on the amount and frequency of care to be provided to the client during the overnight shift.  There are strict rules regarding the amount of undisturbed sleep for Caregivers and Nurses as per their BC Care Associations.
  • Based on the fact that we don't know how many times/night a senior will require care prior to the first care start, the overnight rate will be discussed and agreed on after the first night shift. Then it will be monitored and adjusted again in case the care attendance decreases or increases. 
  • The care rate will be discussed with you if any health care conditions should change.
Respite care
  Caregiver relief
  • Family members or friends who are care providers to a loved one can get tired and overwhelmed as they also require regular rest. 
  • Some Family Caregivers will suffer from burnout as they do not realize they need help and need to rest. 
  • Specialized home care requires qualified, trained, and experienced care staff who professionally monitors and manages the physical, emotional & cognitive health care needs. 
  • When it comes to changes in-home health care needs,  the care staff are under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.
  • By hiring a qualified caregiver relief for the regular professional caregiver or the family member who is the actual caregiver revives the well-deserved temporary respite.
  • Our respite rates are based on the client's care needs and the required caregiver's or nurse's qualifications.
Respite Care -Seniors Choice For Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a free home care consultation before we decide on a home care professional?
The consultation is always free and is done the same day as requested if required by the caller.

How will I know when to look for Senior Home Care?

  • It may be time for Home Care services when the senior in question shows signs of needing assistance with daily chores and activities, especially with daily tasks like preparing meals, doing laundry, and paying bills on time.
  • The other tell-tell signs are persistent forgetfulness, issues with mobility and transfers, poor personal hygiene, an increase in falls and accidents, becoming anxious and depressed, lonely and isolated, sleeping too much, not keeping in touch and leaving the door unlocked.
What are the benefits of home care?
You might be concerned for a senior's safety,  emotional well-being, and the ability to do choirs in the home of their choice independently. This may be achieved by having home care assistance that would provide you with the reassurance of a family member having the services. 
  • Companionship is having a "friend" come to visit regularly and can have adverse effects on the physical and mental health of the senior. It provides regular social interaction and a special closeness with the service provider.
  • Reliable transportation and company for shopping trips to doctor's appointments, picking up medications, banking, and any other errands.
  • Having a familiar environment and attachment to a person's home reassures seniors they are well and can age in place with the assistance of a care provider.
What can the family expect when hiring home care?
  • Besides a decrease in your stress level, you also have an opportunity to be a valued son or a daughter, or a family member.
  • This allows the family member or a care provider to resume their schedules at a minimum burnout with peace of mind.

Are your care practitioners certified professionals?

All our home and health care staff are certified, registered and are attending best practice education in keeping with the standards of practice in a given category. 

What should I consider when choosing a home health care provider?

Keep in mind that the person will spend a lot of time providing major support to your loved one, therefore we ensure that the selected person will be a right fit for the client.

First, identify the needs that a caregiver will need to fulfill.

  • If driving, ask for a driving abstract, for extra insurance, do they have a car or will they be driving your car? 

  • If the senior uses a chair lift, a wheelchair, grab bars, bed assist or a bed alarm, walker, or any other mobility devices, ask what is their knowledge of the use of specific mobility aids.

  • If the senior in need of care has Alzheimer's disease or any other kind of Dementia, does a care provider have experience in person-centred care for persons with memory loss?

  • Do they have the necessary knowledge, experience & training required?

  • Can the person cook, do they have a Food Safe certificate and can they work with the dietary restrictions of the senior?

Ensure to ask the home care agency what certification and training the caregivers have. 


Each has its benefits.

Agency: provides background checks, screens for added peace of mind, provides family feedback and reviews, offers easy-to-find staff replacement; has a recourse of more trained staff to provide Specialized care. Services may cost more than hiring a private caregiver. 

Private caregiver: more work has to be done by the family including interviewing, background check, verifying references; you have no replacement when the private caregiver get sick so a family member will need to stay at home to provide the care; you set your own hours & have to do the scheduling yourself. Services might cost less.

Do I choose an agency or hire a private Caregiver?

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What our clients say about us

    Seniors Choice for Care has transformed my elderly mother's life. Their care and support have made a significant difference to my mother's quality of life. The employees are highly trained professionals who are extremely competent in all tasks at hand.
I found them dependable, reliable, and punctual. The caregivers are loving and very pleasant.
I would not hesitate to recommend Seniors Choice For Care for anyone looking for assistance for their elderly parent that they would prefer to keep at home and who may need help with their activities of daily living.
Please feel free to contact me should you wish to speak to me about my positive experience thus far with Seniors Choice
                 For Care.       
Shallah Panjwani,; 604 537-3456

We feel fortunate to have found Seniors Choice for Care. Diane and her team of trained caregivers provide a caring, responsive, professional service that enables our elderly parents to continue to safely and successfully live in their own home.  Diane assessed their needs with compassion, care and understanding and then found caregivers that best suited their needs.  When problems arise, Diane is always flexible and ready to help support us to find a solution.  The quality of care our parents receive has provided us with peace of mind during those times when we cannot be with them ourselves. 


Linda, Delta BC

Natural Beach
Booking form

Request a free home care consultation today!

When you or a loved one find yourself in need of a professional home health care provider,  contact Seniors Choice For Care at your earliest convenience.

Diane Miller, a Registered Nurse, will respond promptly to your inquiry via phone to book a complimentary in-home care consultation with you directly to further discuss a flexible care plan that’s most suitable for you or your loved one's care needs or the transition service required.

Next step:

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 Seniors Choice For Care Inc.

 Our Covid-19 Protocol

We are committed to protecting your safety during our care period.

Being an essential service business, we operate 24/7.

Our consistent highest priority is the health and safety of our clients and our caregivers.

We strictly follow and regularly monitor the Covid-19 safety protocol by our official health care authorities.

All of our care staff is required to:

1. Be fully vaccinated and have had received the booster shot.

2. Undergo daily health screen prior to each client visit.

3. Care provider that has Covid 19 symptoms stays at home till symptoms resolve. The relief care staff will provide a replacement.

4. Follow PPE Protocols as per public health policies in a suspected outbreak situation.

We keep our caregiver teams small and ensure that our care staff

do not work in  Long Term Care.

In order to keep our care staff protected, we require Health screens for every client before each care visit.

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