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What is the difference between publicly-subsidized home care and private home care in BC?

As per B.C Government, some publicly subsidized home and community care services are provided free of charge. For others, the cost is shared between the Ministry of Health and you, the person receiving services. The amount you are required to pay is called the client rate.

As per BC Caregivers' Association, home health care refers to the services which seniors (and other people needing support) receive to help them live well at home. It has two components:1) home care and 2) home support. However, these terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

Home Care: refers to professional services such as by a Certified and Registered healthcare provider such as:a home health care aid, nurse (Licensed or Registered), a Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist, Speech Therapist & more.

Home Support: refers to unregulated services such as companionship, personal care and meal preparation/cooking & homemaking & more.

Home health care can either be arranged through the government (publicly-subsidized care), or privately. Seniors who can afford it sometimes prefer to arrange for care privately, because it allows for more flexibility.

Why choose a private home care option?

There are many great benefits of home care based services.

Private home care offers flexible senior’s home care services. All private pay home care services are designed to help seniors age in place to remain independent as long as possible. That includes support with all activities of daily living such as bathing, toileting, medication & meal reminders, help with exercises monitored by a health care professional. Seniors receive help with mobilization, running errands and can spend quality time with a trained caregiver and receive transportation to appointments and social outings. It can also include cognitive support for seniors with Dementia.

Medical home health care services provide in-home nursing by a Licensed or Registered Nurse to help with care for chronic health issues, a health condition and or a disease such as cancer.

One of the main benefits of private home care is a familiar caregiver which is very important for elderly patients suffering from Dementia. Having the same Certified caregiver visiting helps seniors build trust & an emotional bond. It is also a reliable and regular service which can be arranged and modified as the senior and family needs and wants.

It is crucial to plan aging in place ahead of time for many reasons. First one is more prepared what needs to be done and managed which might include home modifications for safety and mobility.

To learn more on the types home care available in BC, visit:

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