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Give the gift of home care!

Do you find yourself struggling with what to choose to get seniors in your life this holiday season? 

There are many beneficial gifts you can consider and choose given you do know this person well. Choose from useful, simple, practical and engaging presents that enhance overall well-being to more lavish ones such as a cruise for more independent seniors based on your spending ability. 

If you have an aging parent or any other senior in your family or circle of friends who are less independent, have mobility and or health and or mental challenges consider giving the gift of home care this holiday season!

This is not only the most practical gift which will enrich a senior’s quality of life especially if they need home support to tackle activities of everyday living. 

Many seniors are being looked after and or cared for family caregivers due to various reasons, mostly because of the seniors' financial situation. The majority of seniors in BC has subsidised home care support services which are very helpful but unfortunately don't offer enough and regular support with a familiar caregiver. Family caregivers often suffer from burnout and they try to juggle their personal time between their life, work and the dependant senior. Besides, there is a lack of professional caregiving by most family members who might not have the skills, training, patience, compassion and lack of enough time.

The gift of receiving care within the comfort of one’s own home is one of the most beneficial and empowering presents one can give to a senior with any physical or mental disability, illness, chronic health issue but also for any senior who desires to keep on living in their own home for as long as ppossible.

Below are some highlight of the enchanting gift of home care services - you help contribute to:

Home care based support services can be arranged on a short term and or long term care basis and are flexible while the family is involved with any changes regarding care adjustments. 

You can prepare a list of qualified home care companies you have researched or have been recommended to you. Call them up to test the connection a company will try to establish. Check rates, availability, reliability, training of their caregivers etc. If the person speaking with you sounds interested to learn more about the seniors care needs,  their care commitment and is able to differentiate how they can make a positive impact in the seniors life, you might want to set up an in person meeting. Essure to discuss cancellation policies and don't sign any contract stating a time frame of service.

Prolonging Independendence 

You help senior to continue to make decisions for him or herself which maintains autonomy, control over one’s life,  and self-confidence. This is most crucial in improving a seniors quality of life!

Easing Activities of Daily Living

Personal Care services assist with the activities of daily living (ADLs), which can become harder as we age and or experience declining health issues. Providing for tasks such as bathing, toileting, dressing, lifting, transferring, medication/meal reminders significantly enhance the quality of seniors’ lives.

Home support services such as light housekeeping, changing bed linens & towels, doing laundry, preparing meals and cooking provide a healthy routine and allow more quality time for seniors and their loved ones.

Specialized home care such as for Dementia, Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS, Cancer, Parkinson’s and Palliative Care focuses on the client’s comfort and dignity besides Personalized Care services. 

Caregiver Consistency

Aging in a familiar environment with a consistent caregiver  has especially proven to benefit seniors who suffer from early stages of Dementia and Alzheimers. A qualified familiar caregiver helps to improve cognitive function,  can reduce memory loss and limit confusion, promotes socialization and enhances cognitive skills. 

A consistent Companionship Care service  with a familiar qualified Caregiver promotes socialization and enhances cognitive skills. An experienced quality home care company will provide you with a suitable Caregiver who is experienced to support your loved one's specific care needs.


Hourly in-home care services are more cost effective compared to the rising cost of senior living retirement residences as an alternative option.  Some seniors will require more help than others. 

Aim for a quality and flexible in home care services which offer affordable rates, respect your and your family's wishes and cultural values. 

Flexibility & Adaptability Flexible care means that care needs will be adjusted within a certain time frame which depends on the home care service and frequency provided. 

  • Hourly Care can be increased to 12 hours, Overnight and 24 hours care if required.  

Staying Socially Active and Nurturing Cognitive Skills Companionship Care benefits seniors to ease loneliness, keep socially active and mentally stimulated. Joyful tasks like conversing, playing games, supported walking and simply reminiscing can add significantly to clients’ mental and emotional wellbeing.

Combined with homemaking, Companionship Care offers a perfect blend of care support and a healthy, happy living environment!

Respite Relief Adult children can feel responsible to help their loved ones. This can cause stress, burn out and health issues. By arranging for short or long term qualified home care service to cover in-home care needs for a loved one you also create more quality time for everyone.

Affordability Hourly in-home care services are more cost effective compared to the rising cost of senior living retirement residences as an alternative option.  Some seniors will require more help than others. 

Aim for a quality and flexible in home care services which offer affordable rates, respect your and your family's wishes and cultural values. 

Helping with easing the transfer to higher level care - can be available with private home care companies such Seniors Choice For Care Inc. A helpful support on choosing the right level of care by a Registered Nurse and on how to help seniors & family to transition

Professional home and home health care agencies will provide you and your loved one with a free in-home consultation to assess individual care needs, overall health, living & family situation,and home safety and  level of support that is required.

Allow the senior to make arrangements for a casual in-home visit with a family member present. It is crucial for the senior to stay in control and be part of the decision making unless the person in mentally not equipped to make a decision for themselves. In that case connect with the person’s Power of Attorney to discuss the option. 

Before arranging anything for home care yourself, speak with the seniors' close  family or friends and or POA (Power of Attorney) who will ensure implementing  the seniors personal wishes as well as the advice of the  Family Physician.

Happy Holidays!

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