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How to keep mentally healthy

Life can be stressful.

Ensure you live a healthy lifestyle. Take time to:



Be kind

Have fun!

Be creative

Enjoy a hobby

Sleep enough!

Be courageous

Have a passion

Be adventurous

Keep motivated

Eat nutritious foods

Take care of yourself

Don't worry too much

Appreciate friendship

Keep a positive attitude

Read interesting books

Listen to relaxing music

Treasure happy memories

Be flexible & keep learning

Dance like no one is watching

Learn a new language or a skill

Stay connected & socially active

Have an open-minded approach

Practice mindfulness - be appreciative

If you have a bit extra time, volunteer

Help others and provide emotional support

Invest in education - it's never too late to learn!

Spend time in nature away from environmental noise

Stay physically active considering your mobility & health status

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