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24 hrs. care

For seniors who are with a chronic health condition, acute illness or a disease and need non stop care support

24 hrs. care

With 24-hour home care, you will have 2-3 caregivers working in rotating shifts, to provide continuous care Hourly rates apply for 12 hrs. day care shift and the following 12 hrs. night care shift.

Care needs are closely monitored by the care staff who reports to our Director of Care, Diane after every care shift and during emergencies promptly. Dementia patients for example, struggle with their memory and cognition, forget to take their medication, or what groceries they need or where they put their house key. Some seniors with advanced Dementia/Alzheimer's wander at night and can get walk out of their home or their place of living. 24 hrs. care will keep them safe and supported with all activities & tasks of daily living.

As care needs do change, the care rates are subject to change as they are based on the specific care needs of each client.

On Statutory holidays, the care rates are billed times 1 and 1/2 as per BC Employment Standards regulations.

You can opt-out of care when it falls on a holiday unless it is a 24 hr. care shift which is a full-time care routine with no scheduled interruptions.

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